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The Minnow Lake Restoration Group is a non profit charitable organization dedicated to improving the water quality of Minnow Lake and in the enhancement of the surrounding area. It is affiliated with the city sponsored Minnow Lake Community Action Network. 

John Lindsay, President of Minnow Lake Restoration Group receives donation from Minnow Lake Lions Shirley Ogilvie for Restoration Activities.

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 The Millenium Fountain

The Minnow Lake Restoration Group is responsible for coordinating efforts to have the Minnow Lake Millennium Fountain installed in July 2000.  A prominent local businessperson and resident of the area, Mr. Norman C. Bradley, contributed $20,000 towards the cost of the fountain.  The Restoration group was able to obtain matching and supporting funding from the municipal, provincial and federal governments to cover the $60,000 cost for the fountain which operates from May to October.   A plaque on the fountain control building on the shores of the lake across from the Carmichael sports complex recognizes those who contributed.  Without Mr. Bradley's general donation it would not have been possible to raise the other money required.  It is an excellent example of what one person can do to benefit their community.  Our thanks to Norm Bradley.

 Fountain Dedication Plaque


President of the Minnow Lake Restoration Group, John Lindsay, shown with display.  John served on the first board of the Greater Sudbury Lake Improvement Advisory Committee and also is a current member of the GSWA (Greater Sudbury Lake Water Advisory Committee (Source Protection) and the Ramsey Lake Stewardship committee.

Community Builders Award: Presented to the Minnow Lake Restoration Group in 2006 for its work in the Minnow Lake area improving the environment.

Executive of the Minnow LakeRestoration Group:  Secretary Linda Cartier, Cathy Wright, Treasurer and John Lindsay, President.  Current and past directors include  Brad Bowman, Dave Petryna, and Lois Lavoie, Betty Choquette and Dot Klein.,

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