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 There are lots of recreational possibilities in Minnow Lake. Two hilltop parks (Blueberry Hill and the Oak Forest Lookout) offer climbing and hiking opportunities. A large sign outlining the trials is located at the entrance to the Carmichael Arena on Bancroft Drive across from the lake. It is possible to walk around the lake in about a half-hour and to bike around the lake using area streets and paved paths in about the same length of time.

 There is a boardwalk along the Bancroft Drive shoreline of the lake and at the Bellevue Avenue lakefront there is a dock for sitting and fishing. Access to the lake is also possible from the shores of the Oak Forest Lookout Park, the old and new community centre properties, (Carmichael Playground building and Minnow Lake Place, plus the small park area where the outlet to the lake flows to Ramsey Lake. Most residences of the area swim in Ramsey Lake, either at Portage or Moonlight Beach. Minnow Lake offers excellent fishing for Perch, Pike, Catfish and Sunfish. There are no power boats allowed on the lake, however canoes, paddle boats and kayaks are popular.


A skateboard park is located immediately in front of the Carmichael Arena and a beach volleyball court is located at Minnow Lake Place (former St. Jean School) along with basket ball nets just behind the building on a paved area. 


There are two full size illuminated baseball diamonds located next to the Carmichael Arena on Bancroft Drive across from Minnow Lake and also two tennis courts are on the same property.  In the photo, Blueberry Hill can be seen behind the Arena building. At the old community centre property (Carmicheal Playground) on Bellevue Avenue there is another playground area and an outdoor rink.  Elsewhere in the area there are baseball fields and outdoor rink facilities at the Adamsdale "playground" on Second Avenue and a number of playground structures in the area. .


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