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Boardwalk View

With the assistance of all levels of government it has been possible to create a number of parks around Minnow Lake. This photo shows a portion of the boardwalk along Bancroft Drive across from the Carmichael Arena and ball field property.  This walkway served as a model for the now very popular walkway through Bell Park on Lake Ramsey. Another smaller lakefront park is located on Bellevue Avenue.

Park Sign

A large sign at the entrance to the Carmichael Arena property directs hikers to the two wilderness park areas – Blueberry Hill and the Oak Forest. The trails in both of these parks are marked and each takes about an hour to walk through. Guided walks are conducted on Blueberry Hill during the Blueberry Festival each year and each Thanksgiving there are "all coulours" walks into the Oak Forest.  The restoration group worked closely with the CAN and the city to convert the former gravel playground at the rear of Minnow Lake Place to a grassed waterfront park.

View from above

Hikers up Blueberry Hill and the Oak Forest are encouraged to bring their cameras and binoculars. It is possible to see much of the area from the top of these two hills surrounding Minnow Lake. You can get an excellent view of Minnow Lake from both hilltops and also see a large portion of Ramsey Lake, which is reported to be the largest fresh water lake inside a city anywhere in the world.


Latest Activities of MLRG and CAN including story and photos of newest park areas. 



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