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A view of Minnow Lake and surrounding area

This aerial view shows Minnow Lake itself and the immediate surrounding area. The lake is the focal point for the neighbourhood or community that extends from almost downtown Sudbury, along Howey Drive, Bellevue and Bancroft to Moonlight Avenue, and from the Kingsway south to Lake Ramsey.

Minnow Lake is located in almost the geographical centre of the City of Greater Sudbury with easy access to all other areas. One of the oldest neighbourhoods in Sudbury, Minnow Lake has been described as a unique area and a model, which other communities might follow. The lake itself is small, and due to its urban location and past history of industrial abuse suffers water quality problems. The Minnow Lake Restoration Group has worked extensively over the past twenty five years to restore the lake and surrounding area.

  Minnow Lake has the largest public shoreline (relative to size) of any lake in the area. The lake has four park areas on its shores and another adjacent to the lake. In addition there is an Arena, two ball fields and tennis courts and skateboard park.  There are two community centers also located on the lake itself Minnow Lake Place and the Carmichael Community Center now home of the Subury Art Club.











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