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Minnow Lake Community Gardens

Minnow Lake Place - Off Leash Dog Park

Thanks to our generous sponsors:

Two sites are now being used by the community in Minnow Lake at Minnow Lake Place on Bancroft Drive and at the site of the Off Leash Dog Park on Second Avenue.  Both the Community Garden Group and the Off Leash Dog Park Group are sub-committees of the Minnow Lake Community Action Network and supported by the Minnow Lake Restoration Group a recognized environmental charity registered with the government of Canada. 

Much valued support has been obtained through the generous support of the originations whose logos appear above. Development and expansion would not have been possible without this participation, especially in the form of financial contributions and of the many hours devoted by community workers in helping to achieve success of the project. 

It Is the goal and objective to promote local grown produce and to encourage healthy eating habits and environment enhancement through providing garden allotments, educating about the gardening process and working with community partners.

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Did you know that community gardens are growing in number all across North America as people are recognizing the value of "home" grown produce and the social benefits of citizens coming together in a common purpose to make more "livable" communities for young and old alike.

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