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Graffiti Project - The Sudbury Police, Crime Stoppers and the CAN have cooperated to remove graffiti in the area.  If you notice any new graffiti take a picture (with camera or cell phone and send to and we will forward to police.  

Graffiti Reduction Strategy

Graffiti is: the defacing of public or private property without the property owners permission.  It has long been thought of as a sign of urban decay, leading to the belief that an area is not cared about if not properly maintained.  

Methods to decrease graffiti include the following:

        Rapid Removal: Remove the graffiti within 24-48 hours.

        Education: Effects of graffiti, what to look for and how to report it.

        Murals: A rarely defaced piece of artwork created as a community project.

        Barriers: Fences, tress, shrubs, ivy or other climbing vegetation.  These can reduce the chances of graffiti.

        Lighting: Placing the proper lighting system in high graffiti locations will increase the chance of the person being caught, thus reducing the chance of graffiti.

        Cameras: Real and/or dummy cameras placed in strategic locations to increase the chance of the person being caught, thus reducing the chance of graffiti. 

        Bylaw: Imposing bylaws requiring property owners to report and remove graffiti from their property within a designated amount of time. 


Before removing any graffiti a photo should be taken and the photo, address and date that the graffiti appeared on the property must be given to the police.  

The best methods to address the graffiti problems in Minnow Lake are rapid removal, education and murals.  To prepare for the launch of the Graffiti Reduction Strategy in the fall we need your assistance.   

How You Can Help


      Report locations where graffiti is present to both the police and Minnow Lake CAN. 

      Donate clean brushes, trays and leftover exterior paint in white/off white, beige/tan, gray  and black

      Volunteer to assist:

o       on Graffiti Reduction Committee

o       at the drop off location to collect paint

o       to paint over existing graffiti in Minnow Lake

o       to assist a group of youth to participate in removing graffiti in the area   

We cannot do this without your help!

CAN Worker painting over graffiti on utility box at intersection of Bancroft and Bellevue.



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