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Minnow Lake

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New:  Work continues in 2021 to document the degradation of the lake by storm water discharge at various outlets.  A survey of aquatic plants was conducted.  Also a fish survey and sampling of water quailty.  Work also on invasive plants.

This work carried out by NAR Environmental Consultant and will be made available when completed. A report on sediments conducted in 2013 funded by the city is available by clicking here.

St. Jean (next to Minnow Lake Place) storm outlet - drains the Kingsway (note seagulls over sediment area).

Bancroft Drive Storm Server Outlet across from Arena

Bancroft Drive Storm Outlet across from former HR church

Storm sewer outlet on Bellevue (note geese above sediment area).

Previous History: 

Testing Station

Despite an abundance of wildlife, Minnow Lake does not possess good water quality. It is classed as a level four lake, while most lakes in the City of Greater Sudbury are either at a one or two level. Over the past twenty years the lake has been closely monitored and a number of solutions have been put forward to help improve the situation. In the photo a technician is shown taking readings from the water flowing into the lake from the storm sewer located on the former St. Jean school property which drains a large area north of the lake including the heavily traveled Kingsway. Some solutions suggested to help improve the water quality include dredging the lake (very expensive) and installing a catchment area (settling type pond) to filter incoming storm water (also fairly expensive). Short term, less expensive solutions which have been implemented include educating the public about the use of fertilizer (do not use) and the installation of the Minnow Lake Millennium Fountain (shown on our home page) to help aerate the water.  

WWeed Harvesteed growth in the lake has been extensive over the past several years, and resulted in the need to harvest the weeds using a specially designed cutter boat shown in the picture approaching shore with two workers standing by to put the weeds into a truck for disposal at the dump. Tons of weed were removed over several summers and the problem is not as severe. Whether this is because of the harvesting or other factors is difficult to determine, but the situation is being monitored. In the background of this photo is the Oak Forest Lookout Park, on the north shore of the lake and also, just above the workers heads, the new community centre property, Minnow Lake Place, the former St. Jean school.

Minnow Lake Restoration Group President John Lindsay receiving Community Builders Award for the Group at a presentation in 2006.  Watch the video (click here) for the home page. 

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