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Meeting Reports - You Tube Videos - History etc:

It was a "standing room" only turnout for the Feb. 22nd meeting of the CAN where Pierre Perrault of the Off-Leash Dog Park Committee is shown addressing those in attendance.  A report on the meeting is below.

Results of Minnow Lake CAN meeting – Feb. 22nd Minnow Lake Place. 

Attendance 45 including City Traffic Staff and Councillor Terry Kett  

The most concern about traffic in the area was about the uninterrupted volume of vehicles along the Howey, Bellevue, Bancroft corridor.  There is only one stoplight along this approximately 5 kilometer in length route and no stop signs, and many drivers use this route as an alternative to the Kingsway.  Speeding was not felt to be a problem, just the inability for many to enter the continuous stream of traffic at many times of the day.  City traffic personnel who were in attendance did not offer any solutions to this problem. 

Poor signage was identified as a problem on the Bancroft from Belleuve intersection to the Kingway (and vice-versa) and it was felt that a stop sign should be located at the intersection of Bancroft and Lonsdale at the sight of a dangerous ill constructed curve which would help keep motorists from running of the road at this point due the roads reverse camber which councilor Terry Kett said is one of his priorities to be addressed and have corrected.  City traffic staff said they would look at the signage situation. 

Councillor Kett also said one of his main priorities was to have the remaining section of Bancroft Drive from Leveque Street to Moonlight Ave reconstructed to the same standard as the rest of Bancroft Drive.  This would not only improve one of the worst sections of road in the city but would complete the bike route lanes around Ramsey Lake. 

There was unanimous support for the proposed Off-leash dog park in the former gravel pit property off Second Avenue and all agreed that the city should approve the expenditure which includes previous city plans for a new access to the area and cleaning up of hazaderous waste on the property.  These expenditures the group felt should not be included in the cost of the dog park which is estimated at only around $50,000 a relatively small amount when considering the overall benefits to the city in improving an admitted eye-sore in an area very much in public view as well as an asset for the more than 50,000 dog openers in the city who could make use of the facility. 

Further information:   John Lindsay, Chair – 525-7526

Letter sent to all councillors concerning Off-Leash Dog Park


Dear Councillor:   

It is unfortunate that city staff “add on” expenses may jeopardize the development of Sudbury’s first off-leash dog park.  Staff have included a new road entrance, already planned for the site and some waste removal, plus maintenance and signage as extra costs which should not be included as part of the project and have inflated the overall expense unnecessarily.  These expenses not directly related to the off-leash project should be allocated to the departments concerned or otherwise expensed. 

An off-leash dog park was recommended in the city’s leisure plan and Minnow Lake Community Improvement report (both became part of the official plan) which mentioned use of the Second Ave former gravel pit property for leisure and/or recreational activity.  This park would visually improve a present "eyesore" in a very visible heavily travelled area of our city and even including the extra costs would be money well spent.  

More people own dogs than play any sport - hockey, baseball, soccer etc. and we spend millions of dollars on these activities.  A dog park would be a fraction of what we spend totally on leisure in the city and would benefit potentially many thousands of dog owners and their pets, plus other non dog owning citizens.   

50,000 people in Sudbury own dogs.  There are more dogs than kids in Sudbury. There are dozens of playground areas for kids – not one for dogs. Most cities have at least one, most several.   

The city built skateboard park cost almost a half million dollars and is just for kids.  The projected cost for the off-leash area is less than a quarter of this figure and as now budgeted includes a new road entrance, a parking area, removal of some waste material, maintenance and fencing (about $50,000 which is the cost of the off-leash area, very reasonable as a couple of playground sets for kids can cost just as much). Park maintenance is budgeted at almost $7,000, a figure we question as the dog park committee has committed to perform most of this work.  Also the $5,000 figure for signage is somewhat high as we believe we can have donations for this requirement.  Most all other forms of leisure services - hockey, soccer, baseball etc. all cost much much more.  This project is a leisure services "bargain".  

Dogs are not allowed "off-leash” anywhere by city by-law.  A dog park allows people to have their dog off-leash legally.  Many non dog people are uncomfortable with dogs off-leash in regular parks or on trails.   

Many older and/or disabled people cannot "walk” their dogs and an off-leash area gives their pets a place to exercise.  

Dogs deserve a place to play - they are our best friend.  We have over 45 parks for people to run and play freely but not one for dogs 

To use a dog park a dog must be licenced - this would increase revenue. 

People visiting the city would have a place to take their dog(s) to play off-leash 

People would consider Sudbury a 'dog friendly" place and improve our image, especially for visitors and potential new residents. Dogs parks are a social place for people, even non dog owners. 

There is a citizens committee already formed to help administer the park and raise funds for future improvements etc.  

This off-leash area could be considered a pilot project for other areas of the city.  Watch the short video to see what residents of another city have to say about their off-leash dog park.   

The last City Council approved the off-leash area in principal and recommended staff work on a proposal.    It is up to the present council to move forward to have the off-leash park be developed.  Like the Ramsey Lake (Jim Gordon) boardwalk it will become a valuable city asset for years to come. 

John Lindsay


Minnow Lake CAN  

Visit our dog park committee website  and  






Past News: 

An all candidates meeting was held on Sunday October 10th 2010 at Minnow Lake Place:  Candidates in attendance were Mike Petryna, Terry Kett, Joe Vairo and Tom Fenske.  Gerry Pacquette sent regrets.  Moderator was Carol Mulligan of the Sudbury Star.

Some concerns and questions from Residents

1. What would you do to protect our water supply (Lake Ramsey and watershed) from blue green algae including continued building (residential and otherwise) around our lakes?

2.What measures would you take to "calm traffic" in Minnow Lake including reduced speed limits along Howey, Bancroft and Bellevue in the winding sections of these roads around the lake near the recreational, church and shopping areas and the creation of bike lanes along Attlee Street in the New Sudbury section of the ward to help reduce traffic speeds and provide for cyclists?

3. Noise reduction - loud motor bikes, cars and trucks, squealing tires, speeding - what do you propose be done?

4. Would you propose a by-law to prevent clear cutting of land without a permit (like what happened in land south of the big box store development.

5. How would you support the proposed off-leash dog park for the Second Avenue former gravel pit location?

6 What would you do to support the arts including an arts section in a twice yearly community guide together with civic information and leisure and tourist activities etc.

7. What measures do you propose to reduce costs including freezing of councillors salaries, no special payment (other than expenses for other boards (Hydro) and freezing of pay for two years for all those staff earning over $100,000 a year and then limiting pay increases to no more than rate of inflation and no special bonus measures.

8. Do you support a management reporting session to council every month (replacing a priorities meeting) to learn what is actually happening in the various departments, identifying issues and possible problems to avoid being caught unawares as to situations and developments as often seems the case at present. 

At combined meeting of the Restoration Group and Minnow Lake Community Action Network on March 31st 2010 is was decided to take action with respect to storm sewers contaminating the lake.  For more information click here.  It was also decided to go forward with plans to enhance the area with tree plantings and other endeavors as described below:

  Outcomes of CAN meeting March 31st.

The off-leash "dog park" sub-committee reported on their activities to date and discussed with the CAN their future course of action leading to a presentation to council. Survey work is being undertaken to determine overall community interest and support. Specific high level dog owners are to be approached (such as Gerry Lougheed Jr.) to advocate on behalf of the project. CAN chair is to approach Oyrst Sawchuck re park design. Fund raising is also being undertaken. The sub-committee then moved to another room to continue. All CAN members are encouraged to have those they know with dogs to make them aware of the project and to visit the new website, now under development where they can send an e-mail to the committee.

The CAN endorsed a letter to the Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans with respect to the ecological damage to Minnow Lake caused by storm sewer deposits into the lake from various locations. A copy of the letter is attached as are photos of several of the sites.

Image improvement around Minnow Lake Place was discussed and the area between the start of the Oakforest Trail (beginning at the street (Bancroft Drive) and proceeding to the flower beds separating the parking lot from the park area and the fence at the boundary of the property (see photos attached). It was felt that a number of cedar trees planted thoughtout this area with possibly other lower shrubs and putting down heavy plastic (to prevent weed growth) and covering the area with suitable stone (gravel) to enhance the overall appearance. This will be discussed with Pam Cranston and Kevan Moxam (who have not yet responded to requests re tree planting options) The city has also not responded to requests for information on the property at the corner of Bancroft and Longsdale where the CAN was considering some form of enhancement. It was felt that if the city was not prepared to assist in these endeavours the CAN with the help of the Minnow Lake Lions and the Restoration Group could "do it ourselves" burying the plants and other material required and even renting equipment.

A reminder of the April 23rd 20 minute clean up blitz - take twenty minutes to do a quick cleanup around your home, place of business etc and adjacent public property. If you register with the city for this endeavor you could win prizes.

John Lindsay
Minnow Lake CAN.



CAN Meeting - Wednesday January 27th - Minnow Lake Place - 7.00 p.m

Over 20 people interested in the CAN proposal to develop an off-leash dog park for Sudbury attended and a sub-committee under interim chair Pierre Perreault was formed.

Pierre has received support from ward councillor Janet Gaspaini to determine action to be taken with respect to involvement of the City in the project.  An e-mail contact list is being created to keep all those interested informed.  If you have not contacted us yet by e-mail please add your name to the list by e-mailing Pierre at  Meetings are scheduled to be held on the second and last Wednesday of each month.  If you are on the e-mail list you will be advised of meetings.  It is hoped to make a presentation to City Council by early summer. 

For more off leash dog area info click here

Special: John Lindsay, Chair of Minnow Lake CAN congratulates Chris Gore, recipient of 2010 Community Builders Award for Sports and Recreation.  Chris is the city's representative on the Minnow Lake CAN. 

Photo by Erik Lovin


Notes on CAN meeting - Monday Nov. 9th 09 Meet the Councillor - Janet Gasparini

Many of the topics that were discussed at the previous CAN "What's Happening in Minnow Lake" meeting on Sept. 22nd were reviewed at this special meeting with Councillor Janet Gasparini (who could not attend the September meeting).  There was  information on the proposed "off leash" dog park for the old gravel pit site on Second Avenue and a possible "sand mountain" kids play area in the same location.  A subcommittee was formed.  If you would like to be part of this group please send an e-mail to or call CAN Chair John Lindsay at 525-7526


Minnow Lake CAN  and MLRG News: 

Report from CAN "What's Happening" Meeting - Sept. 22nd 2009 Presentation and Minutes of Meeting Held at Minnow Lake Place


"Official Plan" Map of Minnow Lake Area showing by colour various "development" areas - yellow is residential zoned - green is park area - red areas are commercial and/or institutional. 

Constable Randy Hoskin of the Community Policing Section of the Greater Sudbury Police Service answering questions and concerns at the "What's Happening" meeting.  Constable Gasparini was unable to attend but a follow up meeting at which she can be present is planned.  Below is text of the material prepared for the meeting which was presented by CAN Chair John Lindsay.  

The Minnow Lake Area of Greater Sudbury is considered by most of its residents to be the area along the Howey - Bellevue and Bancroft corridor between the Kingsway and the north shore of Lake Ramsey.  The small lake from which the area gets its name is about in the geographical centre.  The population of the area is about 22,000.  There is a variety of housing and commercial developments and a number of recreational facilities.  There is still a considerable amount of undeveloped land in the area which in general is fully serviced.  This report will attempt to answer a number of questions on various topics from area residents with respect to the future of the Minnow Lake area.  This report has been developed by the Minnow Lake Community Action Network with input from city officials and Councillor Janet Gasparini.   

Will Blueberry Hill become a development?  Who owns Blueberry Hill? 

Blueberry Hill is owned by the Conservation Authority and leased to the city.  Besides the hill itself, the Carmichael Arena, baseball fields, tennis courts, and skateboard park.  The parcel immediately east is owned by Arg-Devco (Interpaving) and the abutting parcel to the north is owned by a numbered company;   The city has a development application for that parcel. 

Will Carmichael Arena be closed?  Will the Arena be "twinned" 

While there have been old proposals to twin this site (1998) there is nothing in the works for either twinning or closure at present. 

Will the tennis courts be removed on the Carmichael property? 

Given that there are not many other courts in the immediate area it would be in the best interests of the community to keep them in place. 

What will happen to former hockey building next to skateboard park 

Could be used for skateboard or youth programming activities – Needs upgrading.   

Will the cemetery be enlarged?  

City acquired former soccer field at school for expansion in future.  New mausoleum 2010. 

What will become of former gravel pit?  

The former gravel pit area is owned by the City.....given soil conditions on this property, it is not certain what can be developed – unlikely stores, not suitable for soccer, perhaps “dog park” or mountain bike “course”    

How big is the new big box development going to be?  When will the rock blasting and crushing stop?  

Lowe's is in the order of 150,000 square feet, and the future phases can accommodate approximately another 200,000 square feet.  The only part of the project for which the city has issued permits is Lowe's; the remainder of the development will no doubt rely on market conditions, and the ability of the developer to obtain tenants.  It is expected that physical site development (blasting and crushing) will end fairly soon.  

All the trees were removed on property from the new big box stores down to Barry Street?  What is the zoning for this property?  Are there plans for development in this area? 

This property is zoned "PS", Private Open Space, and is designated "Living Area 1" under the Official Plan.  The owner has indicated that the trees have been removed in anticipation of a future development application; however, the city has not yet received an application. 

Are there plans for a new street to connect the big box area to Bancroft Drive or Second Avenue and where? 

The City's Official Plan shows a road connection from the big box area, ending at the existing intersection of Bancroft Drive and Bellevue Avenue. At the north end, the road will connect to the Kingsway at the existing entrance near Chapters.  There are currently no plans to connect to Second Avenue. 

Will second avenue ever get upgraded and with bike lanes?  The rest of Bancroft?   

The Official Plan indicates that appropriate road ways should be considered for bike lanes or paths when reconstruction is underway.   Second Avenue would be a good prospect for lanes given the sites it accesses and the north south orientation.  All new and reconstructed road work depends on budget allocations.  New developments in the area could promote better roads. 

What residential developments have been approved for the Minnow Lake Area and where? 

There are still outstanding phases to be completed in the Greenwood Dr. area, including a new subdivision draft approval for a Dalron project off Greenwood Dr.   Zulich has a considerable amount of land remaining to be developed in the Lion's Gate subdivision on the north side of Bancroft, which will eventually connect to Kingsway; and Belanger has draft approval for a subdivision east of Third Ave. The city is also processing applications for a new major residential project on the south side of Bancroft, just east of Moonlight. 

What is the old high school on Second Avenue going to be?    

The school is tentatively being developed as residential and they are required to have adequate parking allocated prior to proceeding.  There have been some discussions with city staff regarding this parking issue 

Will any playgrounds be closed?  Will any new playgrounds be open in new developments? 

Of the existing playgrounds in the area there are no plans to close any. There are however plans to install play equipment on the Second Avenue site near Korpela Park when budgets permit. In addition there have been negotiations with both Belanger (Keystone Subdivision 3rd Ave) and Dalron (Howey/Cartier subdivision) to develop previous parkland dedications and to combine these with the 5% allocations required by developers as part of these new subdivisions 

What are the new rules for backyard burning?   What are the new noise bylaws - control of noisy motorbikes - neighbors etc? 

6 metres 20 feet from property line or buildings (means virtually no property should have back yard burning)   Noise by-law being formulated for whole city – Intrusive nuisance noise (other than lawn mowing – home repair work – some cities do not allow even on Sunday) not permitted at any time (neighbors boom boxes – loud parties etc.) Need for by-law enforcement “after hours” when most infractions occur.   Could be budget proposal?   Request police to stop and “test” motorbikes for “straight” pipes causing excessive noise?   

Are there any traffic calming measures planned for the Bancroft - Bellevue - Howey corridor similar to Southview Drive?  

The Bancroft/Bellevue/Howey corridor is designated as a secondary arterial road in the City's Official Plan. In accordance with the approved Traffic Calming Policy, traffic calming is not appropriate for these higher function arterial roads. However, the existing bike lanes do act as a traffic calming measure by keeping the lane widths narrow.  Possibly more traffic lights along corridor in future, with increased development, could benefit, by making Kingsway more attractive.   

What measures can be taken to reduce graffiti?   

City staff respond to graffiti on City buildings and try to deal with offensive graffiti in terms of removal and clean up. The police are still working on apprehending offenders as well although no by laws have been passed to specifically address offenders or expectations for businesses to remove graffiti from their sites.  Complaints of graffiti should be directed to the Greater Sudbury Police Services.  Possible crime stoppers
“reward” to identify offenders.   

By-law enforcement:   

Property standards do exist.  By-law officers will respond to citizen complaints by calling 311.   

Other:  Indoor walking 

Check physical activities program at Minnow Lake Place – Schools.  Shopping Centres have programs.   

For other questions please contact Concillor Janet Gasparini at  

If you would like to be put on the Minnow Lake CAN e-mail list for notices of future meetings and events please send an e-mail to or call John Lindsay at 525-7526. 


Note:  Minutes of this meeting will be posted when prepared.


Minnow Lake Newsletter distributed to lakeside residents in July of 2009 click here

Copy of "Protect Our Lakes" pamphlet click here. 

2008 Presentation to Sudbury City Council - plus December meeting presentation agenda (pdf) file.  This report (with pictures) formed the basis of the 2008 General Meeting of the Restoration Group. It reviewed all the accomplishments of the CAN (and Restoration group) to date and the continuing work and concerns. 

In the CAN portion of the meeting it was decided to have elections at a CAN meeting in the new year.  February of 2009 was picked as the best date.  At the CAN meeting in January nominations were held (but additional nominations will be accepted up to and including the meeting on Wednesday Feb. 25th)  Currently nominated are John Lindsay - Chair.  Louise Marcotte - Vice Chair.  Linda Cartier - Secretary and Bob King - Treasurer.  This meeting will be held at Minnow Lake Place at 7.00 p.m - Wednesday Feb. 25th and will be announced in the newspaper and radio etc. 

We now have a "YouTube" site where we have posted the videos you can click on here.  The most recent shows the start of a Rainbow Routes sponsored group hike/climb up both the Oak Forest and Blueberry Hill on May 2nd 2009.  The second video is a copy of the presentation made to Sudbury city council in 1989 to gain support for work of the Restoration Group and urge creation and official recognition of the waterfront and hilltop parks.  The video also shows one of the first projects to monitor lake water quality.  The second video shows climbs up Blueberry Hill and the Oak Forest (with Dr. Dave Pearson as guide).  Both videos are less than 10 minutes in length and provide a "history lesson" as to what has taken place over the years.  Additional videos will be added to bring the "history" up to the present.  Your comments and suggestions are welcome.


Local Zoning Issue Resolved -  Church Property Rezoning


Minutes of CAN and MLRG meeting of Nov. 18th 2007

Agenda and Presentation in PDF

Prior to meeting presentation held to dedicate Minnow Lake Lions Park (see story above)

2.00 p.m.  John Lindsay chair of Minnow Lake Restoration Group and co-chair (with Bob King) of Community Action Network called meeting to order in the Gym at Minnow Lake Place.  Agenda presented and approved.  Minutes from last annual meeting (2006 see further below) reviewed in conjunction with presentation and were approved.  Financial report presented by Treasurer Bev Duguay and approved.  Bob King approved as new Treasurer. 

Several presentations made by community groups, playgrounds and Minnow Lake Lions in attendance plus representatives  from Pope Pius 13th and Adamsdale Public School. 

Members in attendance expressed concern over increased traffic, dogs "soiling" local trails, lack of affordable housing, rezoning of former church property on Bellevue etc. 

Councillor Gasparini responded to concerns over traffic control (speed limits etc) and other issues raised and expressed as did co-chair Bob King the need for more active members on the Community Action Network.  Several individuals volunteered to participate.  Specific on-going issues and new concerns included:

Stairs on Portage to Ramsey Lake - steel stairs are in the budget.  Minnow Lake "boardwalk" repairs still needed.

Geese at Moonlight Beach continue to be problem - ACANs could speak to this city wide problem.

Should be better bike trail or route down to Moonlight Beach.  Also work needs to be done on trail between Minnow Lake Place and Hillside (large rock needs to be "modified" or way around).  This issue to be brought to Rainbow Routes.

Second Ave gravel pit not suitable for soccer fields (ground not stable).  Perhaps could be used as "dog park".

Former playground and NOHA building on Carmichael property likely to be removed (not in good shape). 

Corpala Park on Second Ave. not being kept up.  Dalron to be approached.

Councillor will attend meeting to oppose industrial use of former French church on Bellevue

Councillor to work on traffic committee to answer residents concerns in response to resistance to traffic dept.

Councillor will monitor "pitch-in" Civic Pride clean up campaign by waster management staff

 Written minutes, motions, attendance etc in pdf click here

Meeting adjourned at 3:15 p.m.

Park dedicated to Minnow Lake Lions


Story by Vaillancourt – Sudbury Star (Monday Nov. 19th 2007) 

Members ofthe Minnow Lake Lions Club and the Minnow Lake Community Action Network gathered at Minnow Lake Park on Sunday (Nov. 18th 2007) to formally dedicate the facility in the name of the Lions, as the Minnow Lake Lions Lakeside Park.

"This is really nice to have this (dedication). It's something for us to be proud of," said Armand Jean who chaired the project for the Lions.  Lions Club members began working on the project about a year ago, alongside members of the Community  Action Network, the Minnow Lake Restoration Group, organizers of the Minnow Lake Days and the city, said Jean.

Sunday's dedication ceremony included the unveiling of a plaque naming the park after the Lions Club. The plaque is next to the Lions' white arch, which is also located on the site.   The development was overseen by Kevan Moxam, manager of parks services for the city, and supervised by Steve Doucette and Ken Furlotte, said John Lindsay co-chair of the of the Minnow Lake Community Action Network with Bob King.

The park features a walkway along the waterfront, which leads into the Oak Forest Lookout Park. A sign at the entrance to the park points out the walking trail. The park also includes a volleyball court and several benches, all on the shore of Minnow Lake. The Lions Club raised funds for the laying of the sod and the installation of the benches.

Formed in 1956, the Lions Club has been involved in a string of projects in the community, said Jean. The club was involved in the building of the Carmichael arena, raising funds for a zamboni for the rink. More recently the club took a lead role in getting a skateboard park built just up the street from the park.

"The Lions Club of Minnow Lake has been just a fabulous support of community improvement projects," said Greater Sudbury Councillor  Janet Gasparini.  The skateboard park is just another example of that dedication to the community, she said.  

The park features a walkway along the waterfront which leads into the Oak Forest Lookout Park (next to the new park area - three hikers shown on the trail in picture at left. This trail (and the blueberry hill trail are recognized by a new sign at the entrance to the park off Bancroft Drive at Minnow Lake Place).  The Oak Forest  hike takes about an hour for more information go on the Internet web site to   As well as the beach volleyball court there are new flower beds   Future plans call for restored basketball courts plus park benches.  In recognition of the contribution of the Minnow Lake Lions to the area including this park and also the skateboard park a plaque has been placed on one of the large rocks at the entrance to the Minnow Lake Lions Waterfront Park.  

Community Action Network Guiding Principle: 

"A community is far more powerful than an individual

and making an impact on that community is far more

 fulfilling than focusing only on individual goals."

Meeting adjourned at 3:15 p.m.

Minnow Lake - A different view from the southwest side of the lake (end of Dowling ) where a sawmill existed for many decades from 1883 to 1920s and slabs, sawdust deposited in lake (now covered by vegetation - also note beaver den on edge of debris) Across lake Waterview apartments nest to Blueberry Hill and Minnow Lake Place to right of Oak Forest Lookout Park and on left homes on Hillside Ave next to trail leading between Hillside and Minnow Lake Place and up in the Oak Forest area.  . 

Past annual Meeting Minutes: 

Minutes of Oct. 9th 2006 Meeting can be read below.  Following the November municipal election the CAN co-chairs met with Janet Gasparini the elected councillor for the Minnow Lake Ward and discussed concerns of the CAN and were assurred by Janet that she would continue her support of the group and looked forward to working with the CAN during her four year term.

Minnow Lake Restoration Group/Minnow Lake Community Action Network Meeting  - 9th Oct. 06

3:00 p.m. Meeting with reports from the Minnow Lake Restoration Group:  President John Lindsay and Treasurer Bev Duguay.   John reported on meeting with Ron Norton (City drainage engineer) and Brad Bowman (Environmental Consultant) re water quality issues.  Information on survey undertaken on lake re invasive species and report on shoreline planting.  All waterfront residents were provided with information on invasive species. Bev gave approved financial report  

3.15 p.m. Community Action Network Meeting – John Lindsay/Bob King co-chairs:

 Presentation (10 minutes) by Julie St. Onge – “Efficient Sudbury” Project – ways to save, conserve etc.

Business Arising:  Review of planned activities of CAN to date:  Trails (bike lanes in place) signage still to be put in place and work to be done on trail between Minnow Lake Place and Hillside (some rock removal).  Skate board park opened (what next – use of Minor League building – lighting control).  Future development of new MLP park – creation of beach volley league (through leisure services) – suggested names for park).  New tenants for MLP building – use of public areas - paving of parking area – garbage containers etc.  It was recommended that the the park be named the Minnow Lake Lions Community Park.  It was further recommended that improved signage be installed to identify the Oak Forest Lookout Park. 


Discussion with Bob Falcioni, Director of Roads and Transportation re Lonsdale curve and speed limits.  Bob acknowledged curve deficiencies and need for remedy in future (council decision) and expressed willingness to undertake speed limit harmonization study in area (with council direction).  Councillor Reynolds assured the group that she would bring this matter to council's attention for action. 

Discussion with Art Potvin: Manager of Development Services with respect to properties not adhering to site plan agreements – indicated correspondence ongoing but council support would be useful. 

Discussion with Guido Mazza re property standards – supplied by-law for information.  Would be useful if community (through council) established this as priority – generally staff only acts when specifically directed. 

 Discussion with Kevan Moxam, Manager of Parks Services re park maintenance (damaged walkway, retaining walls in park areas around lake due to increased vandalism etc.  He reports demands are very high on his department, but will attempt to undertake repairs.  He indicated by e-mail that he is getting repair quotes and hopefully work will be undertaken within a few weeks.  Consideration could be given to having city allocate funds to CAN to get some of this work done (hiring casual labour or volunteers – liability issues etc).  

 New Business – Issues:   

Litter – Graffiti:  More everywhere according to reports – is there a solution to clean up “My Sudbury”

 Increased support for CAN groups throughout city – election issue?  Candidate for Mayor John Rodriguez brought to the group his plan for "community councils" that would have more "powers" to get things done in their respective neighborhoods.

The new Minnow Lake Place park area is one of three projects the Minnow Lake Community Action Network had identified as priorities when first formed in 2003.  The other initiatives were the bike route through Minnow Lake and the Skateboard Park, both now established.  

New Business – Issues:   

Litter – Graffiti:  More everywhere according to reports – is there a solution to clean up “My Sudbury”

 Increased support for CAN groups throughout city – election issue?  Candidate for Mayor John Rodriguez brought to the group his plan for "community councils" that would have more "powers" to get things done in their respective neighborhoods.

Projects for the future – Second Avenue “gravel pit” development – Moonlight beach cleanup – Other?


Further information:  John Lindsay – 525-7526 or Bob King 525-0119 – CAN Co-chairs.


Minutes:  MLRG and CAN - 2005 

Minnow Lake Restoration Group – Annual Meeting Sunday November 27th 2005 at Pope Pius X11 School.   

Note:  This meeting was held in conjunction with the Community Action Network for Minnow Lake.   

President of MLRG and Co-Chair of CAN opened the meeting with presentation of a slide show highlighting events/achievements/concerns during the past year. 

The presentation illustrated “run off” from storm water sewers into the lake and need for clean up (possibly dredging) of the sediment deltas that have formed in the lake.  A report will be sent to city re this concern.  Also shown garbage and other refuse in the lake requiring clean up.  Dave and Evelyn Grant shown cleaning up shoreline and maintaining the geese fence.  Beaver a problem as trees continue to be removed regardless of trapping.  Photos of shrub planting along shore line through Lake Advisory Panel grant.  Photos of Minnow Lake Days including Tour de Sudbury bike rodeo (which will likely be taken over by Bike Advisory Panel.  Blueberry Idol likely to become part of Blueberry Festival. 

Linda Cartier, chair of Minnow Lake Days, said the event was a success; however lack of volunteer help will likely mean this would be the last year of the event being held by the present committee.  “Seed” money has been reserved for any viable group willing to conduct Minnow Lake Days in 2006.   The committee donated $5,000 to the Restoration Group and $1,000 to Meals on Wheels and Our Children/Our Future.  It has been suggested that the residents of Minnow Lake Days hold an open house to “replace” Minnow Lake Days.   

Cindy Dent (city staff) explained that the skate board park is underway with some work taking place on site in front of Carmichael Arena.  The park will not be as large as originally planned and be more expensive but should be ready by early June 2006.   

Bob King outlined work proposed for site plan development at Minnow Lake Place.  Boulders separating the front parking area from the back “play” area were put in place this summer and a number of meetings were held to plan first work on the project including a grass area – walkway and garden area.  It was suggested that a chain is necessary to keep traffic from the developed area and other security measures.  Placement of garbage bins also a concern to be discussed with tenants – possibly should be in an attractive enclosure next to the front of the building (as on the plan – rather than next to the house on the side of the property).  Councillor Gasparini expressed confidence that Council would approve money for the site plan to go with money from the Restoration Group (local volunteers will also hopefully be involved to keep costs down).  

The problem of the Lonsdale curve is being addressed by a petition to be presented to the city at some time in the future.  It is acknowledged there is a problem with the curve.  Concerns expressed re short entry access lane onto Second Avenue from Donna Drive and need for Second Avenue upgrade.  Meeting planned with Alan Stephen, City Public Works Manager to discuss these matters plus need for uniform speed limits on streets with winding section of roads.  (Note:  Meeting held and Mr. Stephen pledged his support).  Sharon Katary of Rainbow routes outlined plans for future trail development and hopefully signing of Blueberry Hill and Oak Forest.  Need for improvement of trail between Hillside and Minnow Lake Place was again put forth for consideration.  Bike route on Paris Street will compliment route around Ramsey Lake.   

Discussion re use of former gravel pit on Second Avenue between Big Box stores and cemetery.  Suggested as a park in Neighbouhood development plan (1990).  Now zoned as mixed use – could be rezoned as park – In meeting with planning dept it was suggested that community needs would have to be considered before any use of the area was decided.  With a number of residential areas (about 500 lots) being developed to the west of Second Avenue it was a concern that “green” space be maintained.  It has been suggested in the past that this site could accommodate soccer fields and perhaps a BMX track (bikes).   

Image Improvement:  Neighbors would have to “complain” about any “deficient” properties before action taken by “by-law” enforcement.  The same with respect to noise concerns (motor bikes – parties etc.). 

Garbage containers can be increased if group can identify areas where they can be placed. 

Janet said that the city was working to get more “support” to assist local groups to maintain membership etc.   

Meeting adjourned. 



Past Event Information: 

Minnow Lake Days

Annual Summertime Party

Past Picture Gallery of Minnow Lake Days

A neighborhood family event for all of Greater Sudbury and our welcome visitors from out of town

Some of the events shown below from past Minnow Lake Days including the Blueberry Idol Contest, Chili Cook-Off, Strong Person, Fishing Derby, Kids Stuff, Cardboard Boat Race, Art Show etc.

 All Proceeds from Minnow Lake Days go towards special events and for community projects to help benefit our beautiful area of the City of Greater Sudbury



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