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Relocation of Minnow Lake Fire Station Concerns:

Lives and Property at Risk if Minnow Lake Fire Station Moved

Based on research by our organization on behalf of area residents and businesses it is apparent that the reduction of response time claims for the Minow Lake fire station (#2) if relocated, as recommended by the city commissioned report prepared by the overseas Occupational Research in Health Ltd (OHR) organization are false.  The study recommended that the station be relocated from its present site on Second Avenue South 2 kilometers north to as a yet to be disclosed location near the intersection of Falconbridge Road and the Kingsway to lower response times which we dispute.  The cost of this relocation is $10 million dollars. 

Using Google Maps, various locations were selected in the Minnow Lake area using reference points from a location near the intersection of Falconbridge Road and the Kingsway (MIC Restaurant) and the location of the present fire hall at 144 Second Avenue South.  Response times are critical with respect to emergencies as minutes count as do lives and property.    

A specific example is response to the Finlandia Complex (home to hundreds of older adults in the expanding complex) The response time from the present location is just 60 seconds (1 minute) whereas from the proposed relocation site 5 minutes.  To the large Waterview Apartments on Bancroft Drive, the response time from the present station is 4 minutes compared to 7 minutes from the proposed relocation site.  To virtually any location in the Minnow Lake area the response time is less than from the proposed relocation site including access to both ends of Ramsey Lake as this station responds to water rescues.  Note: Anyone can use Google Maps to determine distances and times to various locations from the present and proposed relocation.  

It is recommended that Sudbury City Council revisit this recommendation and subsequent decision to relocate the Minnow Lake Fire Station #2, and at a substantial cost, as by doing so would result in less satisfactory emergency response times and presents a danger to residents and property

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